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Adult friend search

Genetic similarity among friendship networks is important for at least two reasons.

First, social networks can influence mating markets, so genetic similarity among friends may be one source of genetic similarity among spouses.

Marriage is not the only social grouping to evidence genetic selection.

Adult friends are, on average, more genetically similar than random pairs from the population (13).

Moreover, it is also a time of heightened salience for peer networks and influence (19–22).

For these reasons, in the present study, we characterize genetic homophily within adolescent social networks in the United States.

Yes, the opportunities for blackmail and sleazy tabloid newspaper headlines are obvious.

With depressing predictability, it appears that many Adult Friend Finder users may have not just used email addresses linked to them, but ones that also identify where they work.We linked these genetic data with social network information from the original school-based surveys along with information about personal characteristics and social environments accumulated across Add Health follow-up waves.Analyses focus on a group of genetically homogeneous respondents identified as being of ancestral European origin (. In step 1, we test whether friends are more genetically similar to one another than to randomly selected peers.As part of the survey, students were asked to list the names of their friends.Responses were collated within schools to identify social ties between individuals and their friends (24).

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Specifically, we analyze data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health) (23).

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