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o The model process for managing and containing sex offenders on probation or parole values public safety, victim protection, and reparation for victims as paramount.

Target audience: Probation and parole officers and supervisors, treatment providers, victim services personnel, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, judges, social services personnel, State and local policymakers.

Research sponsored by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and conducted by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice addressed those questions through (1) a national telephone survey of 732 probation and parole supervisors and (2) field research in six States (see "Research Methods").

The telephone survey focused on identifying how probation and parole agencies managed adult sex offenders (see "Telephone Survey: Selected Findings").

Under this philosophy, treatment and supervision modalities give priority to community protection and victim safety.

Orders for no contact with the victim are sought at the earliest opportunity.

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Consistent with the clinical treatment literature and with dozens of local protocols developed for managing cases of sexual assault, the model process consists of five components, discussed below: an overall philosophy and goal of community and victim safety, sex offender-specific containment strategies, interagency and interdisciplinary collaboration, consistent public policies, and quality control. Overall philosophy and goal: community and victim safety.