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A typical randomized clinical trial is set up with a specific question—generally an interventional question—and the design for a statistically accurate clinical trial to answer this question definitively.

How does Cancer Lin Q compare to the SEER database?

What can big data tell us that clinical trials cannot? I have found the perfect person to help us sort through these questions. Peter is physician-in-chief of the Hartford Health Care Cancer Institute and head of health informatics at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Alliance. I know this has been one of your passions for a long time. It is such an important issue and we need to get this front and center to a broader audience, so I very much welcome this conversation today.

Dr Miller: This is also an area in which ASCO, our professional society, has started some really important initiatives. ASCO feels that there are times when professionals, physicians, and oncologists need to take the lead in the conversation, because it is so important an issue that it should not be entrusted to others.

Dr Miller: Many of us who have used them can tell which ones oncologists had a hand in developing, and maybe which ones were done elsewhere. A hand in developing, a hand in the input and language of the field, or domain experts who understand what doctors really need, what patients really need, and, more importantly, how work flows so doctors can work efficiently.

Dr Yu: Cancer Lin Q traces back to the Institute of Medicine, now called the National Academy of Medicine, which held a series of workshops a few years ago about big data and what was called "rapid learning systems." The idea was, with the massive data that we will be acquiring in the decades to come, how can we learn from that data and create a system where we learn from real-world experiences, understand what is actually happening out in the field, and supplement what we learn from randomized clinical trials?

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That is a very labor-intensive process, but that might also point out some inaccuracies in the electronic data that we are able to get directly.

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