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In particular, they are helpful for marketing goals and increase brand awareness efficiently.

A video works well for attracting customers’ attention and provide them with core information quickly.

With non-stop progressing technical improvements in the sphere of web development, video backgrounds for web pages aren’t seen as a great challenge anymore.

As well as the integration of diverse video content into the web layouts.

The visual and emotional appeal, in this case, is reached with not only the search for interesting and original fonts but also with animation, color contrast, filled and outline letters in one piece of text and other tricks.

What’s more, design approaches now demonstrate deeper care about text content itself and its integration into the layout.

Nevertheless, it’s worth bothering: 3D is always eye-catching and users never pass by not noticing it. On the one hand, they often look photorealistic which is a big advantage for user interface design: this kind of graphics may save the game in cases when photo content you need is impossible to get or highly expensive.

On the other hand, designers have a room for creative experiments and may create non-realistic images increasing the originality of the user interface.

Such an approach supports the feeling of the integrity of all the layout.

Some fresh trends are just taking their positions while the others have already solidly established themselves and got new faces this year.

As usual, the article is packed with examples by our studio designers.

The color also works as a way to unite the company logo, tagline, and CTA button into one harmonic system of the layout.

Many examples in this post feature another popular trend of this year: the transparent background for navigation elements.

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The peak of the summertime is the time not only for holidays but also for the look back at what has been popular for the first half of the year.

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