Love sex and dating part 2

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Love sex and dating part 2

You’ve devoted yourself to the precious work of growth and intimacy.Now your deepest goal is to find your own lasting love. They are difficult, complicated, rewarding and sometimes befuddling. Once this something is achieved, you think that the happily ever after will finally arrive.Well, I have a good thing and a bad thing to tell you. Your brain is built according to a blueprint from your DNA.Some studies found 94% correlation between male ratings of females.In other words, if a person is objectively a 7 (attractive), most people would rate that person as a 7, few would rate as 6 or 8, but noone would rate this person as a 4.In particular, this circuit is concerned with genetic fitness of the individual.

Your own genetic computing neural networks have determined that mating with these beautiful individuals is likely to produce fit and successful children, who will be beautiful and would have easier time finding mates.

Hundreds of people rate you each day, in their heads and make decisions based on this number. To help you assess your own number, I have provided a guide for both male and female attractiveness, available by tapping on the male or female emoji in the center of each dial.

Read the descriptions and match them to your own experience to pick a rough estimate of your attractiveness.

These aren’t games or gimmicks–they are the lifelong tools of building attraction and deeper love.

In this episode, I’ll share a simple way to stay connected to your heart, develop your sense of discrimination, and lead you most quickly to the love you desire.

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Compare this to mating with that nerdy dork with a huge wart on his nose – your brain is repulsed by his appearance, because in principle your children would be just as unattractive, causing them to have harder time finding mates and having successful offspring of their own.

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