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The measures you take to hide your identity from, say, a significant other or general member of the community may not be sufficient to hide from government oversight.

Of course the latter will usually also protect you from the former, but it also often comes with an additional burden to implement.

Alternatively, go out and buy a cheap SIM that's enough to receive an SMS on.

========================================================================= *\ Shopping cart olor \* ========================================================================= */ .card-icon i /*!Not just the mechanisms above, there's always legal requests by law enforcement.Whilst that's unlikely to be the threat that most folks just wanting to remain genuinely anonymous on the classes of personal site we continually see being breached, it's also an unnecessary risk.For example, you can enter an address such as [email protected] head off to Mailinator, enter the alias and immediately view the contents of the mailbox: There's no authentication and therefore you need to assume there's no confidentiality (although the likelihood of someone stumbling across a genuinely randomised email alias is extremely low), but when email is simply a barrier to site entry then Mailinator is a very simple solution.Many of the data breaches I come across have numerous Mailinator addresses in them for precisely this reason.

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If there's never any adverse recourse from fabricating them then do just that - make them all up.

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