Trisha paytas dating sex offender no credit card sex dating

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Trisha paytas dating sex offender

Yet, she added that she doesn't feel the need to come out as people just accuse of being an attention seeker.

I have talked about dating a girl in the past, I totally have, and the sex at the time wasn't something for me.

The vlogger/singer was in a relationship with boyfriend Sean van der Wilt in the past.

The pair is no longer together after Paytas found out that her partner was gay.

Whether it was a weight gain issue or an unstable relationship with her boyfriends, she always managed to live her life inflow.

Paytas could be your next date guys, but you need to be careful as Paytas literally makes a video about her every date.

Read more: Paytas' relationship with Wilt is one of her most famous affairs.

She left Wilt after she caught him kissing another man.

Until then, Paytas had no idea that her beau was a gay.

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Source: Pinterest The 29-year-old star has been in a relationship with quite a few men in the past.