Up personals

Posted by / 22-Sep-2019 02:24

Up personals

I brokered my best ongoing "casual encounter" through the Craigslist personals.

It's been largely portrayed by the media and those in Congress as an "anti-sex trafficking" measure.Under current law, the site can't be held legally liable if someone uses veiled terms to solicit commercial sex—aka prostitution—through the Craigslist personals.But FOSTA will change that, opening up Craigslist (and every other digital platform) to serious legal and financial jeopardy should it accidently "promote" or "facilitate" prostitution.And on Thursday, Reddit banned several sex-related subreddits, including r/Escorts, r/Male Escorts, and r/Sugar Daddy.Reddit said the purge was enforcing its new content policy, which bans "transactions for certain goods and services," including "paid services involving physical sexual contact." But frequenters of these subreddits say they were forums for sex-work news, tips, questions, and camaraderie, not places where sex workers advertised their services.

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But as of Friday, the Craigslist personals section is no more.