Widows guide to sex and dating

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Claire’s husband, Charlie, was at home in New York. They’d spent their time in the girl’s cramped studio apartment humping and screwing like dogs, but now he, too, traversed trees and dapples, crossing Central Park toward Madison to meet with his agent, Richard Ashe.

Charlie had a book overdue by two years and Richard was anxious.

It was the kind of day when no one expects anything to happen, so it does. Claire Byrne was in Texas to see a man named Veejay Singh, a doctor, but not the medical kind.

He taught sociology at the University of Texas at Austin, and he’d written a book titled Why Breasts Don’t Matter. Singh was popular on campus, both for his friendly manner and for his notoriously easy grades.

It won the National Book Award and sold over five million copies worldwide. He followed it up the next year with The Half-Life of Sex, a commercial, if not critical, success.

His writing made even coarse men think of symphonic productions as they bedded their irritable wives.

It made sophisticated men think fondly of their wives as they bedded their steamy lovers.

At fifty-four, in fact, he bore a passing resemblance to Warren Beatty—in Bugsy, not Reds—and possessed a rough-edged but overpowering charm.

He was crafty with words, engaging on many different levels, so that his appeal spread wide.

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