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If it is safe to do so, speaking directly to the adult you are worried about can, in some cases, lead that person to seek specialized help.

Reporting If abuse is suspected, reaching out to protective authorities could lead to the protection of a child, and getting recovery help for the child.

If you’re not sure if the behaviors that worry you are significant, seek guidance from professionals or organizations with relevant expertise, or talk to other trusted adults who are close to the situation.

Safety Planning It’s important to plan for safety when concerned about an adult’s behaviors.

Someone you love or care about may be acting in ways that worry or confuse you.

Third, knowledge about causes can help sex offender management professionals develop more effective treatment interventions.More often abuse is a process and not a single event.Learning how some abusers may approach children can help you identify patterns of risky behavior, and provide the chance for you to intervene.First, the development of effective prevention strategies is contingent on having credible knowledge about the underlying causes of sexual offending and victimization.Without credible etiological knowledge, prevention efforts are likely to be haphazard and inefficient.

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Treatment and Recovery Most often adults who struggle with sexual thoughts and impulses related to children require professional help.